A batch of ROCK music for the first weekend of August

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Eldren – “Hazy Days”
-This track definitely has a Pink Floyd vibe to it, so of course we had to consider it for a feature. Then you hear these epic harmonies that pull you in like some kind of Eagles-on-more-drugs-than-normal and it really pops. The lush energy from the guitars establishes a perfectly “hazy” mood for the rest of the track. I rarely speak the name of the legend here… but there are shades of Hendrix in this piece. God rest his soul.

Dacian Miron – “Feelin Dangerous”
-I almost titled this article something about feelin dangerous. Dacian Miron has an absoutely fascinating throwback (to the early 2000s) pop rock element to his sound. But I’ll tell you what, this Panic at the Disco vibe is fantastic and quite welcome. The production value here is out of this world. I don’t know who he is, but Miron put himself right near the top or our “rising rock stars” list.

Kathryn Hallberg – “Some Dreams”
-I am stunned at the quality of Hallberg’s voice. I don’t make this comparison often, but Hallberg reminds me a bit of Jason Isbell. The plainspoken phrasing feels like you’re talking with a friend. The mood of the piece, though, with atmospheric guitars, makes for the dreamlike “wonder” of the track to really resonate. If you’ve ever wondered “the cost” of a decision in your past, this song will sink deep into your soul. What a beautiful and captivating piece of art.

Dear Monday – “Somebody”
-I don’t always fall for pop rock anthems, but when I do they have to be good like this one from Dear Monday. Something about the lead vocal feels like you grew up listening to these guys in the late 90s. I can almost taste the Mountain Dew and Doritos. They feel like a bad from my youth in the best way possible. I spent a lot of days crushing over various “somebodies” in that era. This track captures it perfectly.

The Treetops – “Be Your Shadow”
-The Treetops have a blissful energy about their approach to rock music. It’s a driving rhythm with plenty of raw energy. The lead vocal holds the whole thing together with a Heart-like intensity. The lyrics stand out as genuine and the full band carries itself with a mid-80s gravitas that we’re happy to support.

CASEA – “Live again”
-How can I say this and be impartial? I think this is an incredible song. It’s so unbelievably difficult to sing like this lead singer can sing… the inflections and textures here are absolutely stunning. When the full sound is taken together, I can’t help but lean in a little bit to focus on it. It’s about getting back together with an ex. If you’ve ever been in that position after a breakup where it feels like someone has taken you wind away… this song captures that moment really well. The vibrant vocal harmonies soar on this one, giving a sense of triumphant hope in the midst of a sad time.

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