Five fabulous folk tracks (that are why you follow this site)

Eva and the Vagabond Tales – “Please Keep Me”
-I really like the stripped down sincerity of this track. It’s a heart’s lament in folk chords, fronted by a beautifully articulate female lead. This is the kind of artistry that continues to bring us back for more folk music. The lyrics are poetic, the strings are enchanting, and the overall production is really at that next level we crave. I’m giving this album a closer look very soon.

Joshua Radin – “Here, Right Now”
-In fairness, Radin is a bigger star than most emerging artists that we cover on this site. But you know what? We like him. This whispered vocal doesn’t always work, but for Radin it seems positively magical. His phrasing is also note-perfect. The whole sound on this new single is delightful. It’s about getting over your past to enjoy the present moment; anyone who has struggled with an addiction or a rough past will love this.

Tilly Dent – “Castle of Sand”
-I told some friends that Tilly Dent sounds like George Harrison reincarnated (if he was into that sort of thing). I love the key changes and intricate songwriting on this track. Dent has a penchant for exquisite lyrics and complex turns of phrase. I keep listening to this song over and over asking “how is he THIS good?” Dent will become a regular on this site if he keeps making music (and I pray he does).

Our Atlantic Roots – “Little Bird”
-I fell for this song on first listen. The acoustic opens with a light and airy quality, then this angellic female voice enters and just melts the listener. If you’ve ever heard a little bird cry out in the morning, then you’ll hear how perfectly this song and lyrics meet. The atmospheric electric guitar work and vocal harmonies really do make this track take flight. I find this so relaxing and inspiring. It tickles the Transcendentalist deep within me.

Brother Ryan – “Songbird”
-This quaint folk song does a great job of engaging the listener. The acoustic detail here is worth several listens. But then, on top of that, there’s an electric guitar and vocal that take the track to some really beautiful places. Something about the tone and structure reminds me of Fleet Foxes. No matter what you call it, this is an exceptional piece of folk music well worth your time.

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