Four different textures in indie rock music today

Drug Hunt – “The Tower”
-You can call it “hard rock” if you want, but as an independent rock band I am going to put Drug Hunt safely in the indie rock category. Their guitars have attitude. The understated vocal style doesn’t always work, but this Zeppelin-esque style has something special. It’s a bit darker than what we typically feature, but it definitely stands out right now in the indie rock scene.

Post-Party – “Love you every day”
-The happy-go-lucky vibe of this track really does it for me. I get a smile on my face with every listen. I think it’s fascinating that Post-Party have managed to write with a style that seems to defy a specific era. The production and mix on it are absolutely stunning. The vocal harmonies steal the show, but the guitars and the lead vocal are also great. I genuinely enjoy this band and can’t wait to hear more from them.

rx Soul – “I see the signs”
-Soul and rock are kissing cousins, if you didn’t know. This track from rx Soul might not feel like a typical or traditional rock track, but it’s definitely in this category. I love the soulful vocals on this track and the heavy beat that permeates it. This is not your grandmother’s Beatle record, but it certainly fulfills a similar genre-blending purpose. It’ll also probably get your girlfriends to dance.

Hello Existence – “Blossom”
-You’re probably thinking this is not indie rock. This is clearly a folk singer songwriter. I would tend to agree with you if that’s your commentary. However, the band listed this track under indie rock and I can definitely hear it. Just because it has minimal production doesn’t make it any less rock. It’s a sweet, easy going folk rock style that seems like it could have emerged any time from the mid 70s until the present day. I like the way the intimacy pours from the lyrics of this gentle rock piece.

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