Bangin pop hits for your weekend

Neon Dreams – “About you”
-If you’re looking for a danceable groove this Friday night, check out Neon Dreams. This is a really cool pop mix that will have you moving wherever you are. Whether you’re putting together a workout playlist or just having a party with some friends (cookout outside? am I right?) then put this jam on. You’ll have your friends wondering who it is. Tell them NEON DREAMS baby!

Luna Bay – “Call the night”
-Do you miss the 80s? If you do, click play on this high energy track from Luna Bay. The lush synths will take you back in time in a snap. There’s also this exciting early 90s vocal style on it that is sure to find a lot of fans as well. It’s an up tempo adventure that will get all your friends up out of their seats. I enjoy how the message is almost written for people who need encouragement to get out and enjoy life.

Jole – “Picture perfect”
-This one is a bit more relaxed but still falls under the indie pop umbrella. It might get you to slow dance with that special someone. In a world of so much media and curating our images, I think this track is “perfect” in its own right. The thoughtful reflection here is engaging for listeners, but the mood of the track is enough to make you feel a sense of peace. It’s a quality indie pop track.

The Modern Strangers – “Magic Hour”
-Okay I’m not going to lie this one leans pretty 80s also. You wouldn’t believe how many 80s sounding pop songs we get these days. But every once in a while one is SO GOOD like this one I have to say yes. I mean it’s almost got a Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” vibe to it. How can I say no to that? It’s a lush and enjoyable sound sure to please generations of pop music fans. Spin it!

LaKyoto – “When I was a kid”
-This is an intense, up tempo indie pop anthem that’s sure to get your party bouncing. The funny thing is that it opens up like a 30 Seconds to Mars arena rocker, but it eventually grows into what I would call an “absolute banger.” I love the mix of nostalgia and contemporary energy. I wish I could jump around with my friends smiling and drinking with this on. It strikes me as the perfect song for that early 20s moment in life when people have some memories of the past but a ton of hope for the future.

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