Breathtaking singer songwriters for April 2019

LIEZA – “Need Love”
-I love the balance between the vocal harmonies and the electro mix. The way the composition comes together on this track is beautiful. It’s a bit more thoughtful than a lot pop music, but is certainly more pop than other genres. The way the song defies categorization, along with the quality on the lead vocal, is why we wanted to feature it here. It’s about the human longing for love; that’ll preach.

The Dumes – “GWTC”
-There’s a lightness and energy to this track from The Dumes that makes me lean in a bit extra. It’s part alt rock, part chill soundtrack for a rainy day. No matter what you call it, The Dumes have put together a song that pulls the listener in from the very opening line. The lush synth elements in the background make it feel like a quintessential anthem for this 2019 moment in indie pop music.

Baker Grace – “Handcuffs”
-One of the hardest things to find is a vocal that stands out but is still musically accurate. Baker Grace brings that in spades. It’s a beautiful tone that doesn’t sound like anyone we’ve ever heard before. Once the first verse resolves itself into the chorus, there’s a pop energy that’s sure to win a lot of friends. The lyric “let your heart break the handcuffs” works really well for an empowering, joyful message. This is an enjoyable song for sure.

Annika Grace – “Anybody Out There”
-The intense electro energy here does a really good job of highlighting the validity of the lead vocal. Rather than detracting from Annika Grace’s lead, the electro background provides depth. It’s a cool balance in the song. There’s some real power in Grace’s vocal energy here. The whole track is perfect for an electro pop playlist or just something you want to keep you inspired when that daily grind starts to feel lonely.

Kat Elizabeth – “Wannabe Vagabond”
-The first thing I did when I heard this song was smile with pure surprise. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is WAY better than that. The second thing I did was share it with a few old friends who are Stevie Nicks fans. That’s the immediate comp that comes to mind with Kat Elizabeth’s artful yet powerful vocal. This is a name you should jot down because I have a feeling Kat Elizabeth is just getting started wowing us. If you like theatrical flair with your pop rock, you’ll definitely dig what this artist is doing.

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