Get movin’ Monday – Indie rock for the new week

The Palms – “Warning Sign”
-The Palms have a really tight, rewarding sound. The elements of the track from the guitar through the percussion and the vocal all blend perfectly. It’s the kind of rock that gets you moving, of course, but also has a kind of “feel good” element even if the lyrics are a bit more unsettling than that. It’s dripping with raw reality.

American Authors feat. Bear Rinehart of NeedToBreathe – “Neighborhood”
-This track is powerful and inspiring. I almost hesitate to say much about it because I’d rather you listen to the lyrics than pay attention to what I have to say. But then again, fans of NeedToBreathe will love this song because of Bear. Yet it crosses this other line into a power pop ballad that is sure to bring hope to some folks. If you know someone who needs to have hope and encouragement to make a change in their life, send them this song. It’s got all the good vibes.

Road Man – “Midnight Hour”
-There’s a groove in this track that makes me happy pretty much immediately. The bass line in “Midnight Hour” is worth it alone. But the promise of the lyrics – a willingness to be there for someone you love – is a really important sentiment. Anyone who has ever had a close friend (or maybe lover) can relate to this sentiment. I like the unconventional rock mix that feels fresh without being out of this world weird. The bass line tho…

Calland – “Tear me apart”
-The driving percussion on this track is at the core of the composition. Then grungy vocal over top of the track works well. But I’ll tell you what, when the guitar hook enters this track it goes from good to great. I think this could enter the mix at any modern rock radio station and fit right in. I’d love to hear the confessional, meaningful lyrics of Calland and that saucy guitar riff get some love. Share it, will ya?

MR CALL – “Livin it up”
-This track has a ton of positive vibes to it. If you like to clap along to a track then this is for you. It’s about partying and having fun with your friends. But I like that it’s more celebratory than hedonistic. I could genuinely see my friends and I dancing to this one. It’s got a bit of a Michael Franti feel to it and I’m totally cool with that.

Photo credit: MR CALL on IG

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