Indie Rock to free your soul – wanna get lost in some rock n’ roll and drift away?

Stop Motion Poetry – “Missile”
-This track has a wonderful blend of old and new influences. The lead vocal and deceptively complex melody pull the listener in right away. This is the kind of lyricism that we appreciate, equal parts clever and impactful. What’s a metaphor for, anyways?

Twin XL – “Friends”
-Can souls clap? I mean, it’s a strange question but I feel like this song makes my soul clap along to the beat. It’s got one of the catchiest hooks we’ve heard in a really long time. It’s perfect for a workout playlist, a study and stay awake playlist, and definitely a party list. Spin this one and get your “friends” asking where you found it.

Joshua Powell – “Spirit of the Trailer Park”
-This song is the embodiment of the kind of music that drives ETTG. It’s thoughtful, evocative, and gorgeously harmonic. The energy seeps into the lyrics that are contemplative and at times even a bit spiritual. If we were able to make music, it would sound a bit like this. A nice blend of traditional rock and modern lush sounds, for something inherently unique, worth repeated listens.

Hot Dreams – “California”
-There’s something about Hot Dreams that keeps us clicking. It’s a timeless rock energy that manages to sound fresh every time. The tone on the lead guitar has just the right 80s shine on it to allow the lead vocal to shine through real crispy like. This sound is precisely what I imagine when I tell people I like “indie pop rock.”

Tribe Friday – “Thank God!”
-This up tempo borderline punk rock song is fascinating. The “oh oh ohhhs” will have everyone in the venue singing along, no doubt. But I love the tight runs from the guitars on this one. The lyrics are a little… how shall we say… depressing. That said, the juxtaposition between joy and looking forward to death is pretty much par for the course for the offices here at ETTG. We can dig it.

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