Featured Single: Orla Gartland – “Why am I like this?”

So, funny story about this track. It was a SubmitHub submission, but when we first heard it we remembered hearing Gartland’s name somewhere. How do I know her? Hmm… *clicks play* “OH MY WORD she sounds a lot like Dodie Clark and I love it.”

Fast forward a week or so to sit down and cover the track and click the YouTube link for the track. Top comment Dodie Clark loving the track… 🙂

So, tuned ear confirmed. About the song, though, I love the mix of intimate introspection with an absolute banging, sing a long chorus. I definitely resonate with these lyrics now in my mid 30s, but I can imagine REALLY resonating with it in that college/young adult phase. Gartland’s lyric “maybe I’m an old soul trapped in a young body” hits me really, really hard. I love the clarity of her vocals and the poetry in her lyrics. This is a supremely enjoyable track.

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