A playlist for those mid-February blues – 2019

Zachari Smith – “Homecoming”
-This relaxing acoustic song will make you think of friends and family. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it’ll make you think of somewhere you grew up or spent a lot of time. The harmonies are rich and enjoyable. You’ll probably sing along with this one. It oozes positive vibes and we’re super glad to share it with you today.

The Drives – “Keep Warm”
-I know not all of our readers live somewhere where it is cold this time of year, but it’s REALLY cold in Ohio right now. This song really hits close to home for the romantic, chilly time of year. It’s also a really sonically pleasing song with an easy going melody. It’s the kind of tune that feels like it could have been written any time in the last 25 years and we’re totally okay with that. It’s got plenty of chill… (get it?)

La Bella and Poole – “Evansburg”
-Every once in a while I run across a track that has a truly timeless vibe and it makes me SO happy. Like, honestly, if you look at the charts these days there are so many songs that sound very 2019. But this song deep, thoughtful, personal, has incredible harmonies, and honestly people in your parents’ generation would love it too. How often do you find that? Sing along, clap along, and have some fun with this enjoyable folk tune.

Genevieve Racette – “Parachute”
-Relax a bit with this beautiful classic tune from Genevieve Racette. I absolutely adore her voice and overall style. The feeling of the song is endearing, but doesn’t feel like it’s intentionally trying to be cutesy. There’s an authenticity to the musicianship and composition that rides the line between folk and country. I find it a refreshing track with thoughtfully abstract lyrics and a delightful melody.

Jon and Roy – “Where has my love gone?”
-If you’re a fan of the raspy sincerity of Ray Lamontagne or the deep introspection of Penny and Sparrow, you need to give this track from Jon and Roy a spin. To throw another comparison out there, if the horns on St Paul and the Broken Bones tickle your fancy, go ahead and buy in to the Jon and Roy sound. This is such a rewarding song. I love everything about it and the production is exquisitely balanced.

Andy Frasco and the U.N. – “Waiting game”
-Are you ready to swing? Then click play on this electrifying track about how “love is a waiting game.” It’s got a dash of cultural commentary and a whole lot of swagger. The feel good vibes overshadow the heartbreak at the core of the song. It’s a really fun that will have you singing along with the toe-tapping chorus.

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