Five need-to-know singer songwriters – January 2019

Emily James – “Can’t Say Goodbye”
-We’ve covered James in the past, including an interview with her. It’s really exciting to hear her pop singer songwriter style continue to evolve. This track is particularly strong with an epic piano and some soaring vocals. The use of dynamics, thoughtful lyrics, and impressive production all come together wonderfully on this one.

James Ollier – “Nomad Frays”
-Apparently Ollier is quite the international traveler. His lyrics express such. But what I love about this song is the contemplative style. It’s written almost like a love letter back to someone while he travels. There’s a beautiful empathy to it, connecting with the subject of his affection. As the song picks up, it preserves the flavor of an acoustic singer songwriter style. In fact, if anything, as the sound fills in it feels even better. This is a really good tune.

Jaymay – “Lullaby”
-This is an adorable song. There, I said it. From the rollicking piano to the perfect jazzy vocals from Jaymay, I love everything about this. It’s a delightful pop-meets-jazz track. If I could bottle the energy of this song and drink it, I would. Perfect for every venue from Frenchman Street to your local house show. So darn sweet.

Slow Runner (feat Michael Flynn) – “My Love Will Bring You Back”
-Well, well this here is a love song. Exuding hopefulness and sweet details, it’s a songwriter’s love song. Everything from the choral hand claps to the dancing piano all create a feel good vibe. It feels almost theatrical in its composition. There’s a real sense of adventure and desire to be together and the lead vocal is on point. You’ll want this on your playlists.

JD Clayton – “Brown Haired Blue Eyed Baby”
-There’s a classic blues love song feel to this one. It’s so unbelievably satisfying. The vocal is emotional and works really well. But then… gosh then the guitars and keys come in making it feel SO GOOD. This here is enough to make ole Bill Withers smile. If soulful pop singer songwriters are your bag, you need to follow JD Clayton.

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