Four new singer songwriters for 2019

Trevor Ohlsen – “Crazy in Love”
-I don’t know if the word “lush” is used enough in music descriptions, so I’ll use it to describe the orchestral compositions from Trevor Ohlsen. He expresses his melodic lines with poetic sincerity laid over beautiful backing. It’s clear that he is tapped into some genuine emotions when he writes about being in love.

Morgan Cameron Ross – “When there’s doubt”
-Take a piano singer songwriter and add in some thoughtful lyricism – that’s what Morgan Cameron Ross brings to his listeners. I adore some of the chord work here and Ross has a sense of phrasing that feels comfortable and conversational. You feel like you’re just grabbing coffee with a friend when you listen to Ross’s work.

Brandon Hoogenboom – “Feelin'”
-Hoogenboom’s sound defies genre classification in the best way possible. Sometimes it feels a bit like folk rock, other times it feels more like the Head and the Heart’s more recent folk revival. No matter what you call it, the sound is comforting and fun. I dig the emotional tug in the lyrics and absolutely adore the harmonies.

Sandra Lyerly – “Angel Fiddle”
-One genre we don’t get enough of around here is classic Americana. Lyerly has given us a glimmer of hope for people capturing old timey music traditions. The haunting sincerity in her vocals pulls the track together, but of course the fiddle work is the most outstanding part. This is a beautiful, timeless song that puts me in mind of Sara Watkins.

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