Modern Classical Artist Nico Cartosio Wows With New Dramatic Holiday Video

Neo-Classical/Romantic artist Nico Cartosio has provided us with the perfect holiday video for those true believers in the Christmas merit of Die Hard. The artist has a talent for a modern classical sway that will have listeners swaying with a romantic tragedy. On it’s own, the track is a tight exploration of feeling and holiday ethos. Yet, the video is reminiscent of a big budget crime thriller worthy of a watch.

The epic feel of the music soundtracks a mini-movie complete with a tough little girl, a violent crime boss, and a come to life teddy bear. It is original, creative, and surprisingly emotive. The artist seems to juxtapose the “magic” of Christmas with the reality for many. Of course, he has fun with it with a exaggerated story, but this serves only to magnify that for many, the holiday is anything but “magic”.

If you are looking for a great story, sound, and near brilliant artist, look no further than “Christmas on the Moon” by Nico Cartosio.

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