Music potpourri: Trust us with (another) mix of great new tunes

Night Traveler – “Don’t Forget Me”
-It’s a little 80s, I’ll warn you now. But honestly this is the kind of 80s coolness that reminds me of big hair and sweet styles. It was back when the Cold War was still alive and movies didn’t take themselves too seriously. The timeless romance lyrics of this track combined with the accessible sing-a-long musical style make it a potential hit with a wide range of listeners.

Anthony Lazaro – “Coffee Cup”
-Call it pop. It’s okay it’s not an insult. The ukelele lead, sweet lyrics, and a romantic vibe are great. Then the horn enters and absolutely steals the show (full disclose: former horn player here). But seriously this is a perfect “coffeeshop playlist” song with a charming quality to it. I’d play this for my best girl, would you?

GLNNA – “Reasons”
-We don’t typically feature music with such basic carnal lyrics, but there’s a passion to GLNNA’s style that we appreciate. The lyrics are not complex, but they are honest. The easy going beat is one that will have popular appeal. Sometimes we’re all just hoping that the next relationship is the one that will really last.

Brian Scartocci – “Just Peachy”
-If pop soul music is your bag, you’ll love Scartocci’s music. It feels like a modern version of something straight outta Stax. The overall sound is really fun. If you listen to this and don’t dance a little, there’s something wrong with your dance button. This is a great song about rising about the bull of everyday life. It’s definitely a fun one.

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