Featuring new, engaging neoclassical music

Gian Marco Castro – “Memories of You”
-I don’t know who these memories are about, but this is a gorgeous contemplative neoclassical piece. I love that there are cycles of repetition, but the overall feeling is still one of movement. It’s such a peaceful sound that lulls the listener. This is tranquility and conflict in gorgeous, sonic balance.

Gary Girouard – “Invictus”
-There’s a vibrancy to this recording that I absolutely love. Girouard’s piano style is powerful and engaging. He pulls you into this one with great confidence and movement. This isn’t the kind of neoclassical that lulls someone to sleep. It is cinematic in its depth and flair, befitting the title of triumph.

Common Tiger – “A Song for all the lost friends”
-When I first heard this track, I thought of people lost from my life. It is such a delightfully perfect grieving song. There’s something about it that evokes deep emotion. I love that it’s not just sad, but that it moves. It rises and falls. Because that’s what grief is; you remember the good, but you remember the sad as well. You feel what it feels to miss… because something is missing. This is beautiful and the piano is a star.

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