Discover some chilling indie rock music

N Sherman – “I Used To”
-The cool vibes on this track are fascinating. More atmospheric than a banger, Sherman’s style will make you take pause. Channeling a blend of grungy alt rock and modern post rock, Sherman’s vibe is contemplative. Take stock in your life and your direction with this introspective track.

Runabay – “Symmetry”
-This moving track from Runabay begins with a typical indie rock energy, but as it grows it develops into something a bit closer to the folk rock that we tend to love around here. Something about the tone and quality of the lead vocal reminds me of classic rock, while the instrumentation and overall mood feel more modern to me. No matter what you call it though, this is a song about putting your foot down to make a change. I appreciate how the atmospheric elements create a mood for the lyrics to travel through and hit the listener with more meaning.

Year of the Buffalo – “Heartbreak King”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a while, you have heard Year of the Buffalo. Here we have a cowboy song from them that shows off some very impressive string work. The lead vocal of course cuts through like always, but it feels particularly powerful on this style. They DO make ramblin’ western music like they used to and Year of the Buffalo and bringing it on this remarkable song.

The Million Reasons – “Battle of Sound”
-What I loved about The Million Reasons when I first heard this track is that it sounds familiar but fully unique. The beat is infectiously enjoyable. The guitars are tight. I feel like if I was personal friends with Jack Black, I would play this for him and he’d be duly impressed. “Who do you think kicks the power back on?” What a great line. I’ll never stop enjoying this kind of energetic rock music.

The Motorleague – “Alone in the Universe”
-This up tempo rock jam is as much punk as it is straight rock. The energy is palpable coming from the mix of electric strings. I can’t help but think these guys put on a hype ass show. I want to be there jumping with a bunch of other sweaty punk heads. I appreciate that even though it hits hard in places, lyrics like “won’t you show me how to live take me by the hand and be me new religion?” are also easy to hear and sing along. This is baller.

The Collier – “Falling Out of the Bed”
-Every once in a while we run across a song that is tailor made for the radio. Unfortunately we’re *just* bloggers and can’t give a song the airplay it deserves. This track puts me in mind of what I once loved about bands like Coldplay. There’s an electrifying energy in the song that will have you singing in your bad “only in the shower” falsetto no matter where you are. Even the little guitar riff on the instrumental break is ready made for the radio. Why is this not in the top 100 yet???

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