Exploring some late 2018 folk artists

Fairground Saints – “Somewhere Down the Line”
-I really appreciate the almost Partridge Family quality of the vocals here. You laugh, but honestly it’s such a good time, positive-vibes kind of sound I can’t get enough of the Fairground Saints. If I was a music maker (instead of a music blogger), I would be in a band like this. Can you imagine how much fun their live shows are? I hope to find out one day. Great stuff!

Ocie Elliott – “Hold My Name”
-Elliott’s music isn’t a jam so much as a ballad. It’s a love song to the ‘nth degree. But you know what else it is? Gorgeous. The rolling acoustic work helps the textured and sincere vocal to bounce right off the composition. The harmonies help the listener nestle right into a sound that we rarely hear these days. It’s the sound of simplicity and minimalism well played.

Bob Sumner – “Riverbed”
-If you grew up around rivers and creeks like I did, this track will sooth your soul. The twang on the guitar is perfect for the kind of country living Sumner’s lyrics highlight. There’s an honesty in his voice that’ll make you think of your favorite uncle. This is really the kind of song that makes folk and Americana music so goshdarn loveable.

Willie Watson and Tim Blake – “When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings”
-If you’re on Netflix, then you’ve seen dozens of ads for the new Coen Brothers film the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. This song is from that soundtrack. Willie T Watson really needs no introduction for most fans of Americana and folk music. Ostensibly a cowboy song, it’s a charming and unique hat tip toward a bygone style. We’re interested in hearing more from the soundtrack.

Abe Abraham – “Careless Lover”
-Modern folk takes on many different styles, but one that we find fascinating around here is this sense of smooth lines and cool tones. There’s an almost-pop sensibility on this track, yet at the same time it has all the classic folk elements of acoustic guitar and sincere vocals. Abraham’s work reminds me a bit of early John Mayer when we were all enthralled by the crispness of his pop sound that still felt musically sincere. Abraham is definitely one to watch.

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