Appreciating unique textures in indie rock

Joel Taylor – “Moment’s Notice”
-Taylor has a gospel soul that permeates through this track. It’s powerful and will have you clapping along. Some of the lyrics are tragic, but there’s an optimistic to the track. The soaring lead vocal wins the day on an intriguing track that blurs the line between pop and rock.

Evergreen – “Waterton”
-Indie rock is not always the kind of fare of college rock stations. Sometimes you get these layers of folk energy that creep in as well. This song from Evergreen has a peacefulness to the guitars that, coupled with some great harmonies, remind me of Bear’s Den. Another 2018 band that they feel like as well is Darlingside. That’s some great company for a quick-rising band.

Minor League – “The Great Southwest”
-Minor League have a unique style of rock music that feels a bit like 90s alt sometimes, but there’s a depth to the vocal harmonies that remind me more of the classic 70s jam bands like Skynard. The total sound is something that feels fresh and new while harkening. The line about “quitters and hipsters” felt perfectly situated for a song that carries an easy-to-swallow critical tone.

FUR – “Angel Eyes”
-There’s a timelessness to the sound that FUR produce. It’s as if they’ve taken notes only from the evolution of rock music until about 1965. It’s a provocative and energizing sound with some vibes on the guitars that you’ll rarely hear. It feels like a riff off of the classics rather than a copy of them. That’s good stuff right there. And okay, I’ll say it… it’s Brit pop rock and we’re not even mad.

Scott Bison – “To Be Free”
-Smokey vocals and a driving rock style, Bison comes at the listener with abandon on this track. His sound reminds me of what I first loved from guys like Noah Gundersen and David Ramirez. Lyrically it’s straight to his parents, but there’s such a quaint rebellion in what he’s saying that you can’t help but smile. With a vocal maturity beyond expectation and a clarity in composition we rarely hear, Bison is on a short list of rising rock singer songwriters for us.

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