Multi-faceted folk music of Fox and Bones

Fox and Bones – “Welcome Home”
-There are a few unique elements to the modern folk moment; hand claps, gang vocals, and that drum with the cymbal clang on it. Really the only thing this song is missing is a jangly banjo. That said, it’s a really thought provoking track that feels very present and meaningful right now. I love the character and rasp on the lead vocal and look forward to more from this emerging band.

Fox and Bones – “Better Land”
-The intensity on this one is evident. At the risk of sounding a broken record, this one lets the lead vocal really soar. But I love the organ in the background on this track; it finds a way to fill a void in the overall sound that makes it feel fun and exciting. There’s almost a genre blend here and I don’t even mind it. Such a powerful “we’re in this together” sentiment!

Fox and Bones – “Roads”
-When it comes to poetic folk music, this is a welcome entry in the growing songbook. Of course it’s only about roads on the surface; this is really a song about persevance in the difficulties of life. The way the band works together on this one is really engaging. It has a gospel style and urgency to it that keeps me smiling. It’s a bit of a Green River Ordinance vibe, which I consider to be high praise.

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