Five acoustic singer songwriters that will pull you into their stories

LeWis – “Mathilda”
-There’s something charming about the way LeWis phrases his music. It’s thoughtful and delicate, with each line put in place purposefully. The song feels at times like standard pop fare, yet other times setting out on something a bit more daring. When it comes together, I find myself mesmerized by the quality from the vocal. I am eager to hear more from this genuine emerging singer songwriters.

Mi Von Ahn – “Sail On”
-I don’t always think of songs as “breathtaking” but Mi Von Ahn has done that with this track. Whether you put it on a coffeeshop playlist or just let it stand on its own, this track has a dynamism that really pulls me in personally. It’s kind of a breakup song, but honestly I don’t even know these people and I want them to stay together. The song just does that to me.

Tiz McNamara – “Daisy”
-This is a soft and sweet story. The slightest accent on McNamara is enough to make most listeners love him. But then the organ and the harmony vocals enter, reminding us all of a warmer and more beautiful time. Honestly something about this reminds me of watching TRL back in the day on MTV. It’s like this lyrical capture of a moment, but also a sonic styling that feels like the alt-but-also-uses-pop-chords style that seemed to be all over the radio back then. Just give him a spin. You’ll like it.

Tim the Lion Tamer – “Whistleblower”
-Tim the Lion Tamer is practically a “friend of the program” at this point. We’ve covered his music several times. This new track is really captivating. The way the acoustic guitar lays like pine needles under the tree works perfectly. Then to have the lead vocal lay so gently across the top is really sweet. The whole composition is inviting… and then the unsettling lyrics hit you. By the time the orchestral style wakes you back up from your slumber, you’re ready to click play again.

Pearla – “Pumpkin”
-Fall is a season about change and beauty. This song is about change and beauty. I don’t know what else to say other than the fact that I am not-so-slowly falling in love with Pearla’s style. She reminds me of a children’s book author who is suddenly writing songs with these truths that when you hear them you realize aren’t for kids at all. I love this song.

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