Keeping up with Christian music

Harborside Music – “Won’t Wait Til Heaven”
-Worship music can be difficult to assess when it comes to quality. Who is to say that one band is good in their offering to God while others are lacking? But Harborside have definitely created something that is undeniably “good” with this song. It’s about the sentiment that Christians do not have to wait until the “next life” to love and honor God. Do it now. Stylistically it has kind of a 90s pop vibe to it, but there’s definitely some energy to the track.

Revival Creative – “Come Holy Spirit” (Live)
-If the faith base of Christianity resonates with you, this will be a really difficult track to ignore. Revival Creative have tapped into the atmospheric worship style that is popular with folks like Hillsong and Bethel. The sincerity in the repeated invitation for the divine leads to some powerful moments. It’s not a song that can be rushed; just sit back and enjoy. There’s a beautiful execution of a truly ancient request to interact with the supernatural.

Harborside Music – “Fullness”
-Rather than the typical church sound these days with formulaic worhsip music, Harborside brings a positively NeedToBreathe style of folk rock into the sanctuary. The mix of vocal styles rises to the top in this track. When it all comes together, especially with some stunning vocal harmonies and congregational clapping, I kid you not you might just lift up out of your seat. I don’t know if I can even listen to this without standing. Preach on, ya’ll.

Danny Hallis – “Can you show me the way?”
-Hallis writes with a sincerity of a seeker. There’s a cool acoustic guitar core to his music that we would consider including in our acoustic coverage here as well. In other words, he’s not “just another Christian musician,” but is a really good songwriter. The fact that his lyrics resonate with us, too, as seekers just makes his music that much better as a fit. It’s a thoughtful, genuine song that is definitely worth a few spins.

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