Album Review: Tors – Wilder Days EP

The opening harmony on Tors’ “Wilder Days” is one of the most sublime sounds we’ve heard all year. We put them immediately on a list of artists to dig into deeper. Here we are, exploring this fantastic debut EP from a quickly rising folk artist Tors.

The first track we’ve written about before; it’s called “Wilder Days” and hits really hard with some really impressive harmonies. It’s about being consumed with living life to its fullest. Honestly it reminds me of when I was in college and would say yes to everything. Go! Do! Experience adventure and connect with people and moments. It’s not just about numbing yourself to life, but rather getting out there to embrace everything life has to offer. “We’re free like the birds.” We just have to see that.

“We Say No” feels a bit more “pop” than folk, but we’re not even mad bro. Once the pace picks up, it’s seriously a track that will make you want to go for a run or lift weights or something. It’s inspiration in a song. What I love about the song is the juxtaposition of these lyrics about saying no to things, while at the same time having this driving rhythm that just makes you want to GO. But I think it’s ultimately a message of discernment; yes you should go, but go cautiously and make a difference.

Keeping with the epic, building sound, “Won’t Remember” is another turned up to 11 kind of anthem. If you’ve ever had one of those late night conversations with someone, you know this sentiment. Some of the lyrics “look so much like him, the man that you were” makes me think it might be about family and/or loss. Oddly enough, even without knowing the precise situation the listener can feel a ton of raw emotion with this one. It’s great.

The final track “Might Never Happen” comes to soon, honestly. I’m not sure I’ve heard an EP this year that had me more excited to hear the band’s full album. I can’t believe how this track has just as much production power as the killer first hit. It’s rare to find this level of consistently powerful songwriting through all four tracks. This track has an element of indecision to it; what does the future hold? The message is about realizing that you have to risk something to gain something. Stay grounded, friends.

I’m not sure there’s much else to say about this. The title track will probably be on my end of year list. I am really thrilled about this band. I love the indie rock and modern folk genre mashup they have, but more than anything I am absolutely head-over-heels for the vocal harmonies. If they are ever on tour in the US, I am going to go sing my lungs out with these cats.

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