Four endearing new singer songwriters

Land of Trees – “If worst comes to worst”
-This thoughtful acoustic song is pretty much what you think in your head when you hear the term “singer songwriter.” The finger picking is peaceful. Once the rest of the band joins in, there’s a depth that emerges that is soulfully fulfilling. I love how it doesn’t really have or need a genre; it just feels right and is soothing like a warm cup of tea.

Meera Desai – “Divine”
-Close your eyes when you listen to this song. Do you feel the hair on the back of your neck standing up? It’s got that effect on me, too. Something about Desai’s voice feels like innocence in the air. I love the expressive honesty in the lyrics. Some of the vocal runs here are totally unpredictable… in an awesome, intriguing way. This is a truly unique style that we welcome around here.

Emily Vay – “Shades of Blue”
-Vay seems to bring together a few different currents in music right now. In one sense there’s the sort of Ingrid Michaelson singer songwriter vibe, but at the same time some of the recording magic seems to be more mainstream pop. At the end of the day, though, the tight harmonies remind me of the Harmaleighs, one of the bands that stole my heart a few years ago. To hear this sound packaged in a different, but still effective way… has a powerful impact on the way I hear the lyrics and the message of the song. This is a good one.

Chase McBride – “Good Love”
-This song is at that “next level” in production and execution that we try to explain to people. It’s not enough to just play the guitar over a garage band; this is a track that was born and developed to immerse the message. The vocal sits into a sonic “groove” that allows it to make sense within the composition. The concept of good love… of harmony and completion and deep connection… is not something that fits a flippant style. This reminds me of an Eagles B-side or something (and I mean that as high praise as an Eagles fan). I just dig the mood of this so much. It’s contemplative without being oppressively moody.

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