A unique uptempo rock and indie pop mix

Harbingers – “Sunshine”
-The first time we heard Harbingers we knew we found something good. The melodic style of writing offers something of a glimpse of sonic hope for us. We’re excited for the glowing way that the band reminds us of an old favorite in Relient K. This song in particular rolls into the chorus like Hoopes and Thiessen wrote it. We will be spinning this one a lot.

City of Sound – “Odyssey”
-I can’t help but get a sense of an arena of people singing along to this one. I can almost see the strobes and fog lights now. The powerful dynamics on this track are really exciting. They remind me a bit of the sound of Chris and Bethany Solyntjes. It’s an inspiring and moving sound.

Neon Valley – “Valley Girl”
-Okay, not gonna lie, this is actually more of an electro dance track along the lines of old school disco. But at the same time it’s an up tempo track that gets us moving and it deserves to be with some other fun, up beat tracks like this. I love that it’s kind of a blend of a feel good song and a heartbreak song.

Grand Commander – “Pilot Light”
-This track has a really unconventional mix of beat and inflection. It feels like a mashup of a few different decades of trends. That said, the creativity blends into some sort of synergy. The Queen-like vocal blending in a few strategic places puts it in a category that… frankly… defies categorization but we keep coming back to. This is thoughtful, funky, and inspiring.

Dancing on Tables – “Colour Me Good”
-This up tempo rock track is full of joy and positivity. It’s about a moment of connection. I love how the song grows from verse to verse. Even the “ooh ohhs” seem to communicate a kind of hopeful, brightness that can come from meeting the right person. As someone blessed with someone who brightens my life, I can totally relate to the feel good vibes here.

Chris Ayer – “Stranger”
-This song is as much pop as it is rock, but we’re definitely into the composition and style. Once the chorus takes off, it may have elements of electro in it but definitely moves forward with a rock style. The lyrics suit the mood of what we’re putting together here, too. It’s just a cool song that has the right kind of mood to it for what we want in an up tempo playlist.

The Pretty Flowers – “My Alchemist”
-It’s always a cool thing to find a genuine “punk vocal” like the lead singer of The Pretty Flowers has. It’s an inflection that almost defies description, but when a vocalist has it the entire sound of the band can be made. I dig the power chords and energy of this recording here. I love the way the lyrics look back with meaning, sort of coping with the emotions of a moment.

Stevie Appleton – “Villa in Ibiza”
-I dig the up tempo danceable groove of this track. Appleton has an infectiously fun style here. It evokes images of travel, seeing the world, and being with someone you love. I can’t picture anyone NOT liking this song. It almost demands a dancefloor full of fun people. I can’t wait to put this one on a dance playlist and see how people react to it.

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