A midweek variety playlist with something for everyone

Will Wander – “Green Genevieve”
-Will Wander is a clever name. Then there’s this infectiously fun folk style that will keep listeners around for a long time. Sometimes I think they channel the great folk bands of the 60s, but other times they really feel like a modern sound. It’s a fantastic track that is both artful and light hearted in moments.

bulow – “You and Jennifer” (Explicit)
-Fair warning, this track hits awful hard. The opening lyrics are pretty difficult to understand and feel intentionally rambling. But the chorus is absolutely straightforward and powerful. It’s about a specific relationship in the songwriter’s life, but I’ll be damned if there’s not something special and transcendent in the emotionalism here. This is about pain and heartache. Also, musically it’s both sultry and angry. I’ve never heard anything like it, but I’m totally ALL IN on following bulow’s career now.

Opia – “Beverly Blues”
-The track opens with a reference to drug use, but honestly it’s a perfect explanation of our historical moment. I love the composition of the track. It reminds me of what folks like Jimi Hendrix were doing in the 60s pushing the envelope with thoughtful lyrics and a palatable pop rock sound. The electro elements here make this track ripe for the radio even though it lyrically soars over most of what is “popular” right now.

Future Jr. – “Forget About Me”
-The glowing electro sound is really popular right now and we’re happy to jump right on that bandwagon. Future Jr. has the kind of sound that you can picture playing at your college party. It’s thoughtful but gets you moving at the same time. The lyrics about a breakup… with a little bit of attitude to it… works perfectly for anyone who has ever experienced a breakup. Infinitely relatable and sonically worth listening to on repeat.

Hylls – “Miracle”
-The lyrics in this track are deeply inspiring, like Rumi’s poetry. The passionate chord progression in this song are powerful and engaging. When it comes to genre, I don’t even know what to call this song. But you should listen to it and embrace it because there’s so much raw energy. It’s a “we are the world” moment captured in the contemporary era. Let’s all get behind this one, shall we?

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