Five rock artists you need to fire up the weekend!

The Soft White Sixties – “The Overpass”
-This up tempo track makes me think of the fun of the 60s in those rose colored glasses. It also has a modern kick to it, too, a little bit of a White Stripes thing going on. No matter what you call it, this is what rock music is all about. I definitely dig the danceable groove and the singable hook. “I’m gonna be the last man standing!” Heck yes!

The Matchstick Skeletons – “Told Ya So”
-This track has an intensity to it that we rarely find. Usually when a band moves this “hard” they also so distorted the sound and vocal that it no longer feels like music. But the Matchstick Skeletons are absolutely dripping with raw power. I can’t really explain why the sound appeals so much, but it feels like a lost art and old fashioned style of rock resurrected for our ears.

Nah – “Vitamin D”
-When you think of rock music, you might have a variety of things that come to mind from past bands and past moods. But I’ll tell you what Nah gets right – it’s the attitude. Holy crap does this track kick you right in the face with attitude. The calming sound feels like it could play at your favorite coffeeshop and then the lyrics are like a roundhouse kick. Love it.

Deadwyler – “School Kids”
-On a week where lots of people are posting pictures of their kids going back to school, this track resonates really well. It feels like a song that should be on a Tom Hanks movie about life in the suburbs. I definitely connect with the nostalgic images of growing up with your friends. Honestly this track is tailor made to share a bill with an ETTG favorite, Ben Rector. Dig it.

Guster – “Hard Times”
-When I ran across the submission from Guster, I had one of those “wait, I know these guys” moments. I couldn’t quite place it and still am not sure how long ago I found them. That said, I think I bumped into them in the mid-2000s. It was great to hear this new harmony rich music from them. Their sound is primed for a breakout with so much highly produced music dominating the charts right now. The energy is right; give it a spin.

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