Mid-week variety playlist – Check out TEN exciting new tracks!

The Vaughns – “Coffee Sundae”
-There are certain voices that just epitomize the genre of indie pop and the Vaughns lead singer has that exact sound. The muted trumpet, saucy guitar licks, and overall jazzy pop flavor here makes for a desirable track. Fans of Lake Street Dive will enjoy the mood and style of The Vaughns. Put this on your playlist and impress your friends with your savvy music choices.

The Lost Wages – “High Life”
-The sound the Lost Wages feature is right on the line of old school and modern country. The tight vocals remind me of someone like Rascal Flatts. But then the twangy country vibe overall is a bit more like smoke-filled honky tonks than the more modern sound. It’s an interesting mix almost perfect for the contemporary countrified rock bar life.

Wildeyes – “Tennessee is alive”
-When a band comps with Dawes and the Milk Carton Kids, I can’t help but take an interest in the track. Then when the vocal is as good as this one, I DEFINITELY pay attention. Wildeyes have a distinctive Americana sound and style that is worth your time. I love the classic elements of the song from the vocal blending to the organ. It’s exquisitely mixed and an ideal Americana track. Elements of country, pop, and jazz all intermix for a deeply satisfying listen.

Krigare – “Silhouette”
-The copy on this track compares it to Imagine Dragons. I think that’s pretty spot on, actually. Whether you call it electro pop or some other creative mashup, the sound is infectiously intriguing. When I imagine the machines taking over society, this is the kind of music they will use to lull us into following them. It’s the electro pop version of Odysseus’s sirens… and I am helpless in my pursuit.

The Jibs – “The Wanting”
-If you’re a fan of introspective folk rock music, give The Jibs a spin. The vocal feels like that guy you know… you know the guy. Him. No, but seriously the familiarity of the vocal is precisely what makes it work so well. The whole sound is accessible. They feel like your favorite band that plays at your favorite bar. I bet they’ve done some CCR and Eagles covers in their day. I dig the overall style for sure.

Yoke Lore – “Ride”
-We’ve definitely covered Yoke Lore in the past, so you might know the name. But I’ll tell you what you’ve rarely heard this kind of optimistic rock energy. I love the way the guitars and vocals create this atmospheric space between the lines. It’s powerful and engaging. There’s no easy comparison for the band, but I’ll tell you I find myself coming back to this sound more and more often lately.

Ryvoli – “Wine”
-I don’t always point to album art, but with this one (featured image on this post) I just had to. It’s stunning. Then the music started and I fell in love with this folk duo. There’s a truly art folk element to what they’re doing. They remind of Anna and Elizabeth if they spent time collaborating with Bears of Legend. Those are heavy hitters in the folk world, so we’re happy to find this new band. I can’t wait to hear more from Ryvoli.

Max Frost – “Eleven Days”
-Frost has a style that is a bit atypical of our site, but he’s so unbelievably good. His lyricism is pure and seemingly effortless. There’s an intensity to it that keeps me coming back for repeated listens. It’s a cool vibe for sure. It’s as much pop as anything, but I can’t stop listening. He’s sooooo pure.

Whyte Horses – “Never Took the Time”
-If you’re a fan of throwback orchestral pop music (think late 60s and early 70s), then Whyte Horses is going to totally appeal to you. The vocal here is fascinating. It could legitimately spin on an oldies radio station and most people wouldn’t bat an eye. Who is this? Jefferson Airplane? The Mamas and the Papas? Nope. It’s exceptional modern folk pop music.

Far Pacific – “My Love”
-We typically get enough indie rock that I save it up for its own feature, but I couldn’t wait to get this one out to our readers. Far Pacific have an amazing sound. I love the crispness of the sound. There’s an airy hopefulness that makes me think of the freedom of the beach. That said, it’s more sophisticated than stereotypical “surf rock.” There’s a thoughtful lyrical side to this song about being patient and staying with someone through the hard times. It’s really good!

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