Five folk tracks for maximum chill

WELFARE – “What I know, I know with you”
-This is a super chill folk track that has some lovely minor turns. Something about it feels like the 70s to my ears. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. But this endearing little song is about knowing someone, connecting deeply, and feels like a hammock in the summer time. It’s delightful.

Party of the Sun – “Acapulco”
-Relaxing folk rock is one of the finest things we have in human civilization. I mean the groove and the guitars alone are enough to improve your mood. “What’s that music that I hear rippin down the hall?” Then this vocal comes in and changes everything. It’s superb. The writing here will have you wondering why Party of the Sun is not a household name. Let’s make it one, shall we?

Rebekah Rolland – “Hole in the Earth”
-If I’m honest, I spent my whole first listen of this track sharing it with “friends who like Sarah Jarosz.” Literally. And she’s really deserving of that company, too. It’s a little bit folk and a lot of that deep, soulful Americana that in part inspired me to write about music years ago. I could listen to Rolland’s emotive “lonesome sound” for hours. She’s a rising star in the Americana and mountain music world.

Mountain Natives – “Two Sides of the Same Coin”
-If male-female duo harmonies are your thing, you’ll love this track. The lyrics are crisp, reminding me of something that could have come out of Simon and Garfunkel or CSNY. It definitely holds that kind of historic weight in my mind. The song is endearing and engaging. Both vocalists are worthy as soloists, but when they come together for harmonies it’s really something special. This is what folk music can be when it’s done with the right spirit.

Shay Martin Lovette – “Shatter”
-We joke a lot about the number of artists that claim to “sound like Bob Dylan” but really… Lovette kind of does. It’s a bit of a countrified version of Dylan, but it works for us. The use of space in this track is really beautiful. It’s slow, easy going, and frankly inspiring. The way the vocal rises above the mix of the guitars and keys resonates really well with my ears. It’s beautiful both in terms of performance and production.

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