Top 25 Folk Music Blogs for 2018

Here it is – the highly anticipated ranking of folk music blogs for 2018. Okay, so maybe not super anticipated, but we definitely see a lot of traffic on these types of articles so we’re happy to put one together. There was definitely some turnover since last year’s list so give these all a fair shot and check them out.

*NOTE: Some of our friends who write in other languages are sad not to be included here. Since we read English, though, we stuck with English-based blogs. Sorry about that.

1) Twangville – – Here they are again with the top spot. Twangville have the blog we wish we could run. The coverage is consistently good on music we genuinely enjoy. This is what folk blogging (and country, too) should look like.

2) Drunken Werewolf – – DW has made this list for the past few years and continue to put up quality coverage. Showing more than just folk music, the site has a clean and engaging design with some rad analysis of the songs.

3) For Folk’s Sake – – Aside from having a hilarious name, FFS seems to have a knack for finding some really interesting up-and-coming folk artists. They mix types of coverage quite well and have an easy to navigate clean site.

4) Folk Radio UK – – Folk Radio UK are at the top of this list year after year because of the consistently high quality coverage. It’s a one stop shop for reviews, interviews, and news about folk music in the UK.

5) Chill Filter – – Chill Filter is our first debutante to the list for this year, coming in with a strong score based on an all around impressive style. The design really jumped out at us. They would probably be the first to admit not all the music is folk, but enough of it is to earn a spot on this list and the design/writing show they deserve the spot.

6) Timber and Steel – – Don’t hate on the old school WordPress vibe of T&S. Bringing some of the coolest consistent updates to the folk music scene, this site has OG credibility and a satisfying style.

7) Common Folk Music – – This is one of my favorite finds of 2018 with a clean, inviting presence. The site makes me feel comfortable while I discover new music. The writing has depth and sincerity to it, which keeps us coming back for more.

8) Three Chords and the Truth UK – – Here’s another fantastic name for anyone who loves folk music. The music presented on the site mixes the local and the international quite nicely. What it lacks in stylistic pizzazz it makes up for in authentic music commentary.

9) BSide Guys – – Opening the site with a bit of tongue and cheek humor, this site is definitely for our hipster readers. They find the deepest of the deep cuts. It’s not all folk music, but it’s in the mix if you listen close.

10) Various Small Flames – – VSF is much more than a music blog; it’s more of a culture mag. That said, the folk music coverage here is pretty intriguing. It’s just one of those sites that deserves credit for what they’re doing to make the world a better place and have enough folk music to justify including here.

11) Beautiful Song of the Week – – We’ve included this blog in the past and it absolutely earns its spot year after year. The quality of curation here is unparalleled. What song would you pick if it could only be one? It’s a brilliant concept and a joy to read.

12) Casual Band Blogger – – Don’t be put off by the use of the word “casual” as this is quite the serious music blog. Bringing forth a variety of genres, the best thing about this site is the brilliant and engaging layout. It looks like only high res for this trendy site.

13) Come Here Floyd – – Here’s another newcomer to the list, CHF has a snappy design and a ton of new coverage. They cover the kind of musical variety that will help you wow your friends with stuff they have literally never heard of… and it’s good!

14) For the Rabbits – – The simple layout of FTR makes it one of the most streamlined and enjoyable on the list. They cover a mix of genres with folk figuring prominently. The crisp layout gets me clicking on multiple articles on every visit.

15) OpenEars Music – – I’m not going to say I picked this blog for the cool logo, but seriously it was a consideration. It’s great! There’s a sweet layout and good writing, but the old timey logo and overall aesthetic made this one a great choice for the list.

16) The Grey Estates – – This is another site that’s not totally folk, but something about the depth of their coverage and overall flavor begged to be on this list. It’s the kind of passion pursuit that we want to reward here. Check out the variety of music and killer photography on this trendy site.

17) Breaking More Waves – – Sometimes writing about music can be difficult, but writing about writing is easy; this folks can WRITE. The analysis on the musical selections here actually helps you better understand the song. If there was such a thing as #blogginggoals this site would be one for us. Good stuff all around.

18) Indie Obsessive – – IO reminds me of one of those places you stop on a road trip that has like motor oil, sandwiches, and the “best damn cup of coffee in Nebraska.” It’s a little bit of everything in the purest, most beautiful sense. The layout and style feels vintage in a refreshing not-so-Cosmo way. It’s perfect for a folkster.

19) Two Story Melody – – TSM blew me away when I found their site. The kind of depth in writing, trying to understand what music is reall “for” is just outstanding. It’s the heart and soul of why most bloggers started writing before the PR mailers soured many of us to the gig. This is pure and eloquent writing that keeps the focus on the music.

20) Stereofox – – Stereofox has a different type of layout with the “songs” page front and center and no writing. It’s a sort of “HERE LISTEN TO THIS” bluntness that will get you clicking through to the writing. They cover a variety of genres with a variety of article types, but cross into folk in the midst of a tidal wave of coverage.

21) My Old Kentucky Blog – – MOKB has one of my favorite names on the list. It just makes me feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never lived. That said, stylistically they’re one of the most fitting blogs for the list. Featuring some of that classic mountain music, it’s a site worth frequenting for some hidden gems.

22) Buffablog – – Like several blogs on this list, Buffablog is not purely about folk music but they do have some on the site. Mostly it’s a blog dedicated to a regional following in NY but also pumps out coverage at a high frequency. It’s frankly hard to keep up with in the best way possible.

23) York Calling – – Here’s another UK offering with some really wonderful style and writing. It was almost a “no brainer” to include this clean and engaging site on the list. We just discovered them, but can’t wait to visit regularly for deep reviews and tons of relevant news.

24) Fiddlefreak – – Not every website has a mood, but this one does. This is a site that feels like a passion project of someone who genuinely loves the folk and Americana world. The articles seamlessly connect writing and music in a way that will definitely have you bookmarking the site for more enjoyable selections.

25) Cover Lay Down – – CLD is a really interesting site with playlists of cover music. Where other sites are full of the hottest/fastest/biggest/best of the new music world, CLD keeps a low profile and a sweet disposition. There’s a nice mix of stars and relative unknowns among the playlists and some thoughtful commentary on the curation.

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