An eclectic mix for your summer party playlist

Jae Jin – “Whiskey Song”
-This song could be called country or just play beautiful. It’s got the smooth vocals of Jae Jin, who we’ve covered before. Most importantly, it has the subtle lyricism characteristic of good country music. I wouldn’t mind a spin on the slow dancing floor with my girl to this one. Naw mean?

Sarah Diamond – “Latter”
-The chill groove of this electro pop track just sticks with you. It’s hard to figure out exactly what makes the song so good, but it has a powerful way of resonating. There’s a thoughtful lyricism despite the genre. It’s ultimately about seeking for your place in the world. Diamond’s vocal has just the perfect bit of “crack” in it to make it cut through the electro pop scene.

The Tuesday Crew – “Summer Lovin'”
-This is a fascinating track, really. If you’ve ever put together a summer playlist you know how it can be to find that perfect groove for a season. TTC have found that exact formula. It’s light and refreshing like a fresh squeezed lemonade. The expressive lyrics are about needing to be with someone special. It’s poetic and charming. Oh and the piano work sets it off perfectly. Give this one a spin for sure.

Jeremy Voltz – “First”
-Voltz has some absolute PIPES and he can sing with soul. When you combine those elements, you get a song like “First.” The amount of soul in this track is pretty hard to explain. Suffice it to say that there’s passion here for a forlorn lover, a past situation that was deeply meaningful. The expressive work on the keys here accents the delicacy in the lead vocal perfectly. It takes more skill to sing intricate lines than soaring ballads, but Voltz shows he can do both.

Jones – “Silver Screen”
-This is a powerful track that will reel you in if you give it a few seconds. Honestly some of the instrumentation is thoroughly jazz, but the vocal defies genre. Jones can sing with immaculate control. The melody is sometimes hard to follow, but feels beautifully pleasing to the ear. It’s a sort of pop jazz track in the vein of Alicia Keys that’s got the potential for massive appeal.

Kane Incognito – “Diagnose Me”
-This track is good with just the lead vocal, but when the gang vox join in on the chorus… wowzer. It jumps from a nice little folk song to a positively transcendent tune. I really enjoy the chord progressions here, too. It’s the kind of song that won’t believe you haven’t heard before. It’s familiar, yet fresh and exciting. It’s definitely a track that puts Kane Incognito on the map for us in the way that “Linens” did when we first discovered Water Liars.

Winsome Kind – “We Call It Home”
-Well this song pretty much makes me want to cry. As soon as I heard it, I “hearted” it on Soundcloud, shared it with a few friends, and listened again. If folk duos are your taste, you will love these talented singer songwriters. With a sweet sincerity, Winsome Kind have perfect vocal harmonies and a thoroughly enjoyable approach. The closest comp I have for them is Sugar and the Hi-Lows. But really, these wholesome folks stand on their own in the midst of a buzz-happy folk scene.

Mark and Sarah Tillman – “Oh What a Father”
-This track may not be for everyone as it is definitely a worship song. But the harmony and structure are right out of modern folk music, so if you’re into that style the song will resonate. I absolutely adore the male-female vocal harmony on this one. The line “our fear and shame is gone” connects with me deeply and personally, so I will find myself coming back to this one regularly.

Simon Baum – “The Wonder of You”
-Baum has been making music that we like for several years now. When we got his latest submission, we were happy to hear what he’s been up to. If you listen to the sincerity in his writing, you will hear what we do. There’s an approachability to his style that is really refreshing in an over-produced folk world right now. The lyrics are relatable; anyone who has ever retreated to their room glowing with joy after being with someone special will enjoy this one.

The Duke of Norfolk – “Shema”
-We recently covered the Duke of Norfolk, so we don’t often cover the same artist that often. You know if we made an exception to that rule this has to be a great track. It absolutely is. There’s a wonderful dynamic mix between the relaxed acoustic elements and the crescendoing sounds of the chorus. It makes me feel like I’m on an adventure. I’m always game for adventures.

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