Five folk tunes to share with a friend

Jonathan Elyashiv – “Wire Days”
-Sometimes folk music comes in a blended form, such as this wonderful anthem from Jonathan Elyashiv. The folk rock elements keep your toes tapping. The overall composition will have you reflecting back on the best of the 70s with artists like James Taylor. The harmonies are rich, the melody satisfying, and the total track is one you will want to share with your friends.

Freedom Fry – “Die Tryin”
-We’ve covered Freedom Fry in the past, so we were looking forward to hearing their new music. The easy comparison is a band like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. That said, Freedom Fry also seem to capture a bit of the CSNY magic from a bygone era as well. Once the gang vocal enters this track, though, you’ll feel yourself moved in a powerful, Bohemian direction.

Under the Oak – “Take in the spring”
-This type of subtle, meaningful folk music is what keeps us coming back to blogging. The lead vocal has a purity to it that we rarely hear. The poetic lyrics are thoughtful and engaging as well. When the full composition comes together, especially on the chorus, there’s a tangible sense of joy bouncing from the strings.

Echo Nebraska – “Leave the lights on”
-This song feels a little bit country and a whole lot of enjoyable. The lead vocal on this one is outstanding, stealing the show overall. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are pretty good, too. The lyrics will make you want to move and be inspired to save the relationships in your life. It’s a really easy to listen to song that makes you really think about the people you love.

Three Star Revival – “Tennessee”
-Well the colors are UT orange and the song is named after the state. The folks are Knoxville proud, for sure. They probably hum “Rocky Top” in their sleep. That said, the band brings a really bright and interesting kind of newgrass-meets-Americana style that is sure to win a lot of fans. I can’t help but enjoy the layering of old fashioned strings with modern electrified picking. It all works well with a quality lead vocal giving direction and meaningful lyrics. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

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