Indie pop is alive and well – Lunchtime Playlist June 20

Lion Sphere – “Keep Dreaming”
-This is one of the most intriguing songs I’ve heard all year. The initial vibe is neosoul, but some of the jazz-based textures in this track go in a number of unique directions. The vocals and keys, especially, take precedence here. But the space created in the verses between the instrumentation and the cool vocal feels real. It’s a bit reminscent of a jazzed up Chicago.

Souther – “Golden Hour”
-This uptempo indie pop jam is sure to find a resonance with our readership. There is a cool hook to the track, getting toes tapping for sure. There’s a real sense of adventure. I assume the lyrics refer to the photographer’s favorite time of day, but it’s a metaphor that works nicely about how timing can change what we see. It’s about aging and finding your own way. Philosophy with some catchy harmonies… count me in.

Yoke Lore – “Cut and Run”
-This is a magnetic track. I don’t know how else to explain how Yoke Lore continue to pull me into their sound. It’s a powerful style with authentic, dynamic vocals. The production quality is absolutely stunning. There’s an atmospheric quality in the highs brought back down to earth with some hand claps and genuine vocals. The entire composition feels like a perfectly 21st century sound, blending the best of the real and the surreal.

Isabel Sartain – “Fixed”
-Some might call her singer songwriter more than indie pop, but Isabel Sartain can flat out SING. This song has so much soul to it, I just had to put it on this list. From the guitar to the organ, the instrumentation provide a perfect bed of roses for Sartain’s beautiful vocal work. The lyrics are gritty, delivered with a sweet and gentle vocal tone. The harmonies on the chorus are divine.

Suns Up – “Stay”
-A friend asked me the other day what I mean by the term “indie.” I stumbled through some semblance of an answer about the size of the label because “indie is not a genre.” That’s pretty true. But this song is what indie pop rock is all about. Suns Up have an absolutely infectious sound. The comparison with The 1975 is almost too easy to make here. That said, the crystal clear vocal here is just perfect for this uptempo anthem. If you’re putting together a summer playlist, you HAVE to include this track.

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