Do you hear the people sing? A harmony-rich playlist

Jekyll Wood – “Who You Are”
-The opening harmony on this track is as tight as can be. It starts off there and then grows into a syncopated, hook-heavy fun track. It’s hard to find a comparison here, but the harmonies do remind me a bit of Queen. The beat, then, takes it into more of a modern R&B direction. No matter what you call it, this track can get you moving.

Eric Frisch – “Got a feeling”
-The beginning seems like a singer songwriter tune is coming, but then the gang vocal joins and suddenly the listener’s ears prick up. “Oh? Who is THIS?” It’s Eric Frisch and these glorious vocals are really fun. A little bit Beach Boys in the writing, the song feels like it doesn’t really have a specific era. It’s a romantic track with some excellent blending.

Jae Jin – “11:11”
-We have covered Jae Jin in the past, so when we found this track from him with such a magical number as the title, we were really excited. The harmonies on the chorus are studio gold. They feel like a bygone era come to life. Jae Jin’s entire composition style and vocal quality are endearing. It’s a wonderful song, well worth your time.

Mountain Lions – “California”
-These rich harmonies are one of the reasons why we even became bloggers. The style reminds me a bit of a personal favorite, Good Old War. Then the guitar slings it through the break, filling the space with some pure joy. The song is literally about how complicated the summer is. I can’t decide if it’s fully a feel good song, but the optimism in the chords and harmonies make it a must-hear song.

Tempesst – “A Little Bit of Trouble”
-This track is listed as psych rock and we will definitely second that motion. The harmonies here are stunning; the swagger on the song is out of this world. The entire production is next level. The lyrics are really about being paranoid which – you know – given that it’s psych rock we won’t assume the cause. But regardless of inspiration, the glowing harmonies and rich composition makes this a clear hit with us.

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