Five folk standouts – Lunchtime Playlist May 23

Arbour Season – “Leaving Delaware”
-This is one of my favorite folk songs I’ve heard in 2018. There, I said it. The harmonies on this track are positively saccharine. The overall sound, though, is not overly sweet, but rather feels like a genuine expression of a wide open space. There’s a freedom that I feel listening to the track with lyrics that encourage you to take life slowly and simply. Live differently, they urge, and step toward the natural world. It’s a beautiful track.

Hazey Jane – “Lifeboat”
-This is probably more rock than folk, but the band called themselves folk so we’re going with it. Whatever genre it is, we definitely love this sound. The harmonies are really cool, but it’s the melody and the rolling feel to it that won over our hearts. There’s a kind of Oasis style to the song that pulls us in after repeated listens. The lyrics even pop really well with a perfect metaphor of the life boat while also addressing the significance of an important relationship.

me&you – “Georgia”
-Get ready to sing along with this talented folk duo Me&You. They can really sing well and this song has kind of a Ray Lamontagne charm to it. The song rolls naturally with some really killer piano work that helps get the listener from verse to chorus. The lyrics are really great, allowing for some powerful lyrical turns to make relationship drama feel all too real. If you don’t find yourself wailing “Georgia” along with them by the second chorus, you’re probably not even reading this website. We’re big fans!

Tommy Leahy – “Cobblestone Streets”
-There’s the slightest warble to Leahy’s voice and it absolutely works. It feels like he’s sitting by himself in the middle of a large, lonesome stage with a spotlight on him. Of course this is probably a studio version and that’s not true at all, but it’s the image I get with the way his voice comes across. The picturesque imagery of the lyrics and the powerful expression in his vocal make for a truly remarkable folk singer songwriter style. He’s worth a listen for sure.

David Gorman – “Chicago is calling”
-The first time I heard Gorman I was pleasantly surprised with finding him. But now… now he has outdone himself with this song. He is moving from a songwriter I enjoy to one that I’m following closely. From the finger picking to the sense of melody here, this song shows a mature songwriter. The harmony that enters the track on the second verse helps give a beautiful texture. It’s nostalgic and thoughtful, meaningful and engaging. Give it a spin.

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