That Monday music mix! – Lunchtime playlist May 21

Jon Allen – “Jonah’s Whale”
-This blues track hits really nicely, like a nice smooth drink. It’s not too sad and has a good moving beat, but has a superb balance to it. Heck, I even like how the horns lay in on the track. It’s the kind of song that helps you take stock of life and feel like everything’s going to be alright.

The Classic Kids – “Better Days”
-This track definitely has an 80s vibe to it and we don’t mind one bit. There’s a kind of glowing atmosphere to the background that provides perfect distance for the lead vocal to move into the foreground. The mention that “these are the better days” is really cool and has a youthful vibe to it. These are the times you’ll miss the most, they write. It pops so well especially for folks who might be graduating high school or college, paying attention to what a great moment this is in life.

The Roosevelts – “Do You Want Me”
-Here’s another 80s vibe track that works really well. Some of the elements in the background will put you right on the set of the Breakfast Club. Yet there’s a Timberlake vibe to the lead vocal that works really well also, giving it more of a modern twist. The whole thing is easy to dance (and snap) along with. Now let me get out my Trapper Keeper…

Freedom Baby – “I want to give”
-The beginning of the track is nice relaxed indie pop, but it definitely increases in intensity as it goes. There’s a beautiful harmonic element to the song that feels, at times, almost like a musical. The lyrics are contemplative and moving in a number of ways. Once the rock elements pick up you’ll definitely find yourself singing along with the group. It’s a good time.

Michael Jablonka – “Flomp”
-This aggressive rock track has some really cool heavy guitars. Then the lead vocal lays over it with this almost Stevie Ray Vaughn style to it. The sound is really refreshing in a world where so many rock bands seem to be trying outrageous things. This track just melts, with enough grunge in the guitars to balance out the sweetness in the vox. It’s worth a spin for sure.

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