Album Review: Micah Turbitt – Fun Times and Great Joy Bring Me Excitement

The first time I heard Micah Turbitt on YouTube was probably a Christmas song or a Fleet Foxes cover. But here’s what I remember; I felt like I was listening to someone like Justin Vernon or William Fitzsimmons. Turbitt is absolutely the real deal when it comes to acoustic singer songwriters. What I love, more than anything, is that you can tell he has the gift of opening up his heart into his songs. This is not performance; it’s artistic expression. I can’t get enough.

The first track “Terrified” is a simple acoustic ballad dripping with authenticity. You can hear from the plaintive delivery that he’s showing his honest fear. “I’m terrified of being alone.” That line might trigger some folks who followed the recent Hobo Johnson drama; what does it mean to honestly express the fear of loneliness? I would submit this as what it sounds like. Haunting and deeply intimate.

“High Life” comes across as a pretty standard folk tune. Of course it’s about drinking and being with people you love. Turbitt has that sweet little “crack” that makes a country singer feel genuine. Since he’s covered some Chris Stapleton on his Soundcloud, you can tell he has allowed that influence to creep into this track. It’s really great. Oh and my favorite part of this one is definitely the unexpected harmony. I would absolutely love to hear this tune live.

Okay I like the first two, but this third one “Caroline” is the track that ought to put this talented songwriter on the map. I don’t like to throw around superfluous comparisons, but this is genuinely on the level of Kris Kristofferson. It’s poetic and gentle, sweetly serene and meaningful. Each line seems to be placed on purpose and it’s so divinely well done. If you have a radio station, a YouTube channel, a blog, a Spotify playlist, or just a lot of friends… please, please share this song. People need to hear this incredible artistry.

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