I have few words for these neoclassical gems – Lunchtime Playlist May 3

Bjoern Gottschall – “Zeitraum”
-I’m sure there are technical terms for how the left hand on the piano rolls and the right hand provides a high, distinguished melody. That’s what makes this piece for me – it’s the articulation of the melody. It reminds me of a film score, of course, but it also has this timeless charm. If I didn’t know this was a brand new track, I could be easily persuaded it was composed in the mid 19th century.

Poltrock – “Mute #2”
-Belgian pianist David Poltrock brings this captivating piece. It is a piano solo with plenty of texture and grace. It moves from the classical mode into a modern aesthetic that is curious and often satisfying. It’s not the kind of instrumental song that puts you to sleep; instead it’s perfect to get your mind moving.

Sebastian Zawadski – “Norn”
-Zawadski has been featured here before due to his incredible, emotional compositions. The dance between the piano and the strings on this one is absolutely stunning. It has a melancholy mood that is sometimes just perfect for the moment. It’s the kind of music that I love to write to when I’m not writing about it. This is truly exceptional and indicative of why I adore this genre.

Boy in the Rain – “Occhiolism”
-This moving piano piece has plenty of dynamics. The rising and falling of the melody pulls the listener right into the overall storyline. One of the wonderful things about this kind of instrumental track is that you can write your own characters and plot them on this adventure. It’s soothing and moving.

Bruno Sanfilippo – “DOLL”
-We don’t often get video for these kind of pieces, so it was really interesting to have a visual for this one. While it earned a spot here on the music alone, I do recommend the video as well. The piano work is quite captivating. There’s a lightness to the end of each melody line, as if the harder punctuated beginning of the line is more important but the back carries more meaning. When they all thread together, though, you can’t help but feel a tingling of raw emotion from the artist to your ears.

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