How do you discover music?

Let’s call this an editorial with a question. How do you discover music?

We hear from a lot of PR firms that they would like artists to be added to our playlists so that you, the readers can discover them. But is that how you discover music? Our playlists on Soundcloud have a dozen or so followers, and fewer on Spotify. That does not seem like the engine of change or discovery to us.

Do you like our daily rundown articles that follow a theme? It seems that people read them (based on our stats) and the bands do seem to share them. But do you read our copy? Does our analysis help with your experience of the music?

Then, to add more to this question, after you find a new artist what happens? Do you immediately rush out and buy the album (which means we should be doing referral links), or do you follow them on streaming services for a while before eventually, after hundreds of plays, feeling guilty enough to buy it? Or do you enjoy a song for a few days/weeks/months and then remove it from streaming and find the next hot track?

Yes, this is a lot of questions. Yes, we really want to know. In order for ETTG to grow and develop as a brand, we need to know how our users like to use our site.

To prevent spam, we’d prefer not to open comments here. However, if you find this post on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love your concrete feedback on how you use the site, how you discover music, and how we might be of better service to you.

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