Rock n’ Roll into the day (into the day) – Lunchtime Playlist April 13

Carnival Club – “Sin City”
-There’s nothing more rock n’ roll than singing about sin. Yeah, that’s right, the nasty the dirty grimy realities of life. Carnival Club get down and dirty with some reverby guitars on this one that will get you thinking of your favorite tracks from the Stones to the White Stripes. It’s a cool track, even if it does have you celebrating some of your more carnal realities.

Florin – “Look Down”
-Bouncing between genres like a tennis ball, Florin seem to fit a few different sounds. That said, we’re comfortable calling them indie rock and fitting them in with this company. The lead vocal on this track is really smooth, helping the song to have a cool vibe even with some pretty rad guitars filling in the background. It’s not a sound I’ve heard much before, but I can get behind it for sure.

Kelan Galligan – “Snowball”
-Here in our eternal winter of Ohio, we are welcoming a song about snowballs with open arms. What’s funny about this track is that in the opening it doesn’t feel like a rock track, but if you wait for a bit you’ll hear why we put it on this list. Nearing the 3:00 mark it takes off with a dynamic atmospheric rock ethos that we really enjoy. The harmonies are really great.

The Royal Turns – “On the Run”
-The Royal Turns have a sound that keeps me coming back for more. The guitar lines are clean, the melody satisfying… and when the vocal enters I know that I’m right at home. The comparison to First Aid is almost too easy to make. The beautiful harmony vocals make The Royal Turns a band we definitely need to watch.

Grand Lotus – “Hangover”
-The syncopation on this track is absolutely killer. It’s a psych rock track that has a really cool beat and some quality string work around it. They might not be the Floyd kind of psych rock we typically cover, but there’s something really satisfying about these clean guitar lines that we just have to support.

Alfred Hall – “Quite Some Time”
-This track will give you some music history whiplash, bringing sounds of the 60s to the modern day. The harmonies here are absolutely outstanding. In fact, I definitely plan to revisit this track throughout the year. It’s got a Lovin’ Spoonful kind of vibe and I can’t wait to follow the rise of this promising band.

SPINN – “November”
-Every once in a while you run across a band that just stops you in your tracks. Who are these guys? Well in this case, they’re a UK band called SPINN. The atmospheric feel of this track pulled me in, then the contemplative lead vocal softly convinced me to listen more. I’m not totally sure what to call the genre, but I just keep listening to hear more. It’s an extraordinarily satisfying sound from a promising young band.

Campfire Social – “Breathe Out Slowly”
-If hand-clap and gang vocal folk music is your jam, you need to follow Campfire Social. They remind me of the first time I heard Rend Collective. What an incredibly positive spirit they have. The vocals are perfectly fun to sing along with. I can’t wait to run into these cats at a live show and join in on this blissful feel-good Americana music.

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