A potpourri mix of unique styles – Lunchtime Playlist April 12

Mamas Gun – “You Make My Life a Better Place”
-Mamas Gun are one of my favorite finds of 2018. This is the second track from them we’ve covered on the site and there will surely be more to come. The timeless style they have is really fascinating to me. If you don’t feel like you’ve time warped back to the 70s, you might get your time travel ears checked out. This is such a fun track.

Beachwood Coyotes – “Disciple”
-Maybe you’d call this alt rock, but no matter what subgenre of rock you give it these cats can play. Well, I guess they’re dogs. But you get my point. The uptempo rock style sets up a really interesting point, “the beauty in discipline.” It’s got a U2 vibe with a ponderous central message.

Lion Sphere – “Alice at Once”
-Here we go again covering another German soul band. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right it’s a German soul band and they sound like they just left Motown. The snappy soulful attitude on this track is one of my favorite finds recently. The organ, guitar, and vocal are all perfectly vintage.

Lac Belot – “D n A”
-There’s something serene about Lac Belot that keeps us coming back to this track. Whether it’s his carefully laid vocals or the gentle dreamy guitar, the whole composition is deeply satisfying. It reminds me of a holiday song or something with its beauty and softness, but honestly it’s sweet. Treat your ears to something truly unique and moving.

Kim Anderson – “Yarrow”
-If unconventional folk music is of interest to you, Anderson’s style is going to resonate with you. Her vocal reminds me of someone familiar and genuinely interesting. At the same time, some of the chord movements and background samples are anything but typical acoustic singer songwriter fare. It’s an adventurous new salvo for the genre, but leaves a lot to ponder.

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