Five emotional new tracks you need – Lunchtime Playlist April 11

Bogues – “Orchard to Bartnick”
-This track defies description, bringing forth elements of indie rock and emotionally-driven guitar folk. It’s a really thoughtful song, though. The lyrics are abrasive at times, expressing a depth of soul we don’t always get to hear in music today. It will tear your heart right out.

Major Love – “So Good”
-The easy comparison here is Florence and the Machine. That said, Major Love has a really energizing pop rock style that will have you moving. The horns might be my favorite part, providing a sweet and subtle sense of depth to the harmony. The lead vocal is stand out, reminding me of throwback groups like the Bangles.

The Tambourine Girls – “Catch You on Film”
-This track probably fits in the psych rock category about as perfectly as any, but what we love about it is the unconventional style. It’s somehow melodic as well as evocatively interesting. The way the melody rises and falls is really fascinating. Sometimes the harmonies are natural and comforting but sometimes they bring a bit of unsettling dissonance. It works perfectly.

Luvia – “For You”
-It’s a girl and a guitar and the echo of a pure heart. At least, that’s what I hear. The beautifully intricate vocal is like honey to the ears, full of sweetness. The poetic lyrics are not purely positive; instead they show the depth and complexity of desiring someone. This is more than a love song; it’s about the consuming nature of love and desire.

Kieran O’Brien – “Black Skies”
-We just caught wind of this 2016 release when it was submitted to us recently. The fingerpicking here is really great. It’s about the disturbing emotions of life after a breakup. The mix of natural imagery and personal confession works really well.

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