Find a new artist to love – Lunchtime Playlist April 6

Take the Black – “Alive in the Moonlight”
-This band puts me in mind of classic guitar acts like Santana. However, they also have some interesting alt rock vocals that will be very familiar for fans of 90s and early 2000s rock. It’s one of those bands that reminds you that they DO “make music like they used to.”

Cassie Marin – “Weigh”
-Electro pop music can bring a ton of positive energy, which is part of why we like it. Marin’s style and power in this recording shows both vocal precision as well as a really intriguing overall mood. It’s great for a playlist that makes you reflect on love, lust, and everything in between.

Emma McGrath – “Butterfly”
-This snappy pop song has a fun dance energy to it. It has a nice groove that is not pure dance club or just a chill track. It will get you moving. The vocal is particulalry strong and the “I’ll be watching people walking out of your life” line will have you singing along at full volume.

P.F. Phillip and the Night Raiders – “Your Lips Are For Kissing”
-When it comes to romantic tracks, you can’t do much better than this one. The understated keys and guitar provide a delicate bed for the lead vocal to lay over. The whole composition gives a Sleeping at Last style dreaminess. The lyrics are self-deprecating romanticism and work really well.

Edward and Graham – “Rose Marie”
-This folk duo bring nice energy to their recording, a dash of Appalachia and a slice of something that feels like more modern folk. The harmonies might be the best part, but the strings are great too. They remind me of a modern day version of the Greenwich Village troubadours that helped to define folk music. The thoughtful lyrics merely punctuate a song that I already enjoyed. It’s the total package.

Francis – “All I Want”
-Whether you call it indie rock or indie pop, this track from Francis has a really cool energy to it. The groove moves along nicely and the vocals show some really intriguing harmonies. The 80s vibe from the backing track will have you thinking about some pretty great 80s hair, too. Something about the lead vocal reminds me of Heather Robb (Spring Standards) and that’s a good thing.

Cardiac Half – “Killing Me Slowly”
-The pop punk expressions on this track are fascinating to me. It reminds me a bit of a band like Yellow Card from some years back. There’s an optimism that I hear in these chords that make me smile every time I listen to this track. Of course the lyrics are heartbroken, but gosh a whole lot of us can relate to this feeling.

HAUX – “Arrows”
-When it comes to chilled out electric guitar vibes, you can’t do much better than HAUX. This song can put you to sleep or emotionally wreck you pretty much at the same time. The whispered vocal reminds me of some of my favorite work from Justin Vernon. This is a song that I foresee being on a lot of my playlists for working and resting.

Ryvoli – “Sleep Talking”
-This thoughtful modern folk track reminds me of Penny and Sparrow. That’s high praise. The lonesome desperation in the lead vocal is deeply moving to me. The way it blends with the harmony vocal makes the mix infinitely interesting. When the violin enters the track, I just stop and listen. It’s contemplative bliss.

The Colorful Quiet – “Never”
-IF you come to ETTG for the folk (and you should), this will be your favorite song on this list. The acoustic guitars just do something to you, with a perfectly balanced sound. Then the understated vocal just feels like it creeps through “between” them. If you can, listen to this in headphones for an intimate, engaging listening experience.

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