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As many of you know, we use to process our submissions. It streamlines the process for us and really helps us cover more music in an efficient way. But we are a very, very small fish in this massive ocean of the music industry. Here are the top ten most popular blogs on SubmitHub. Note: this is public information that can be found and sorted here. This is not any kind of inside information from us being on the platform.

1) MediaPro Music – 2.6 million fans – – MediaPro has a basis in commercial radio music. They offer a mixture of tracks in English and some in French. There’s a heavy pop and club influence, so it’s easy to see why artists want to be curated on this massively popular YouTube page.

2) La Belle Musique – 2.0 million fans – – La Belle Musique is a bit of an industry overview page. They feature lists of top songs as well as commentary on hit trends in music. It’s a very trendy style with high quality artists and videos, mostly from pop genres and styles of music. It has a cosmopolitan feel to it.

3) Cloud Kid – 2.0 million fans – – Fans of trap and hip hop will find a lot to like on Cloud Kid’s YouTube. There are plenty of remixes and digital adaptations of songs you’ve heard before. It’s definitely a playground for fans of trip music.

4) The Vibe Guide – 1.6 million fans – – The Vibe Guide features static image remixes of popular dance tracks. There’s a ton of really interesting music that will get you dancing and moving for sure. It’s the kind of site you could just put on a massive playlist and have a blast with your friends. The quality is consistent across many different tracks and remixes.

5) Bass Boost Official – 1.5 million fans – – Bass Boost Official is, unsurprisingly, all about bass and club tracks. This page is tailor made for DJs or those who love to feel that heavy bass vibe all the time. There is some really interesting graphics to go with the tracks, but for the most part it’s meant as something to listen to rather than watch.

6) Trap and Bass – 1.4 million fans – – Trap and Bass features… you guessed it… trap and bass heavy music. If you are a fan of the trap festival scene, you really should already be following this site. The mixes they feature on their site are outstanding. It’s a really cool YouTube page with tons of regular updates and high quality music for lovers of this genre.

7) Taz Network – 1.4 million fans – – Taz Network brings a bit of a different vibe from the dance music world. From the sample of music I surveyed, Taz Network seem to feature more of the more relaxed tracks within dance music. There’s a lot of feel good (but still honest) music here. It’s got a warm vibe to it and would be nice for a fun playlist while you work or the chillest backyard party.

8) Dancing Astronaut – 1.3 million fans – – Dancing Astronaut is a legit music blog with feature articles and everything. Behold in a world of playlist, there is a site still writing about music! Dancing Astronaut features EDM and have a lot of features and premieres. If you’re looking for industry buzz, DA is a great place to stop.

9) Pop Muzik – 1.3 million fans – – Pop Muzik is a Swedish music blog with a massive European readership. They feature pop music from all over the world in a variety of styles and subgenres. If you’re looking for something unique, especially with that international flavor, you should definitely check out Pop Muzik.

10) Electro Pose – 1.2 million fans – – Electro Pose is a YouTube page that basically functions as a 24/7 live music site. They feature electro and house music from artists all over the world. The style is very clean with bright colors and lots of optimism. It’s easy to see why so many people follow the page as it has plenty of positive vibes.

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