Lunchtime Playlist April 3 – A rock n’ roll variety

Dessie Magee – “Bandit”
-Dessie Magee has some of the best pure rock vocals we’ve heard in a long time. The overall composition feels genuine. He’s a bit like Dustin Kensrue and that’s pretty high praise for us. We’re definitely into the layered rock sounds here with some aggressive guitars propping up the stellar vocal. The Irish accent doesn’t hurt… not one bit.

St Pete Holland – “Yours and Mine”
-We dig the easy going rock style on this track. It feels like something from a sort of Blues Traveller or Dave Matthews vibe. No matter what you call the music, this is a really chill and fun rock song. I can imagine these guys being a really good live summer show with your favorite drink in your hand.

LANZ – “Auckland”
-This track by Benjamin Lanz, an artist who has performed with The National and Beirut, has a colorful energy to it. Go ahead, listen. See what I mean? It’s got the cool hand claps, but then the vocal just seers right through with this amazing energy. The “highs” (keys or synths?) dance above everything else. I’m not sure what to even call this kind of rock, but it reminds me a bit of a band like Phish from a generation ago. Good stuff, for sure.

Eli – “When We Talk”
-If you take equal parts rock and soul, put them in a blender, you’d get the sound of Eli. It’s a cool song and the organ here is absolutely the sexiest. The lyrical sentiment is something that will resonate with anyone who has ever had an intellectual connection with a lover. “When we talk it’s like talking to no other.” Mmm hmm. “Cool” is such an over used word, but with this I mean that the temperature of the room drops and you feel like you should wear sunglasses, even inside.

Edwin – “Uncontrollable Pride”
-Americana rock is one of the nectars of the gods, I’m convinced. This track from Edwin hath come straight from the heavens. There’s a sauciness to this one that reminds me a bit of Water Liars. It’s not always the most harmonic style, but it has a real Tom Petty depth and seriousness to it that I can’t help but admire.

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