Lunchtime Playlist April 2 – Five endearing singer songwriters

Tryon – “Come Kiss Me”
-If ever a song was written to be played at a wedding, this is it. It’s basically written from the groom’s perspective, watching a woman in her wedding dress come toward him. It’s actually really good. The pop love song style is pretty timeless and, honestly, as quality as this is I would pay really good money to hear Phil Collins cover it.

Colin Weeks – “Montreal”
-This song is why we put the word “endearing” in the title. Isn’t it just a beautiful breath of fresh air? Weeks has this gentle articulation on the guitar that is just unbelievably comfortable. I could listen to this song over and over. It’s one of the best pure acoustic songs I’ve found this year.

Aaron and Julia – “slow”
-We have covered Aaron and Julia before, but they keep coming back for more and we love having them. The gentleness that comes through on this song is… well, just delightful. The guitar walks along with a nice fingerpicking line, while the vocal dances right above it like light clouds over the hills. I like it.

Amarante – “Home”
-It’s true there’s a singer songwriter with a song called “Home.” Are you surprised? No, but seriously, joking aside we really do enjoy this single from Amarante. There’s a grandiose sensibility in the way the guitar builds. The layered vocal here makes it feel more like a full band piece, but after the break near the one minute mark you feel that soft, sweetness of a singer songwriter anthem. It’s really easy listening and has a dose of inspirational vibes to it.

Isaiah Breedlove – “Willing”
-The lyrics on this song are far more sophisticated than meet the ear initially. It feels like an ordinary simple folk song with the guitar and a believable earnest voice, but then the spiritual lyrics come in dripping with longing and truth. Suddenly the song – a veritable hidden gem – emerges as something truly unique and worthy of sharing with the hardest of hearts.

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