Lunchtime Playlist March 28 – An exciting five-song electro pop list

Heather Jayne – “Better than this”
-One of the qualities of electro pop that we most enjoy is when it has a cool intimacy to it. Something about the synths weaving with a well-delivered vocal can make it connect so much stronger. That said, Jayne’s lyrics are about distance, not closeness. The cool energy of this track is the most exciting part.

Mellow Path – “Maze”
-Pop can be a difficult genre to curate because there are so many ways that it can sound good. We love the uptempo positivity of Mellow Path’s music. You can just imagine this energy at a festival or a really great show. There’s an optimism to the “find your own way” message of the song. It should be on lots of college pop playlists, for sure.

Jenaux – “Give it up”
-As you can tell from the stats on this track, it’s not “under the radar” like some others we feature. This is a positive hit right now. The groove on it is SO GOOD we just couldn’t pass it up. It makes me want to dance no matter what kind of mood I’m in. The changing rhythms but with a consistent hand-clap basis just gets me going. That bass tho. <3

Cuckoolander – “Mercury”
-This dynamic track has a powerful lead vocal with some really interesting crescendoing elements. As the track builds with raw pop energy, there’s that “stand in the middle of the dance floor with all your friends and sing at the top of your lungs” energy to it. It’s a very theatrical style song and I can imagine is a ton of fun to perform and see live.

Pip the Pansy – “Royal Blue Daydream”
-If cute, engaging pop is more your speed then you have to give Pip the Pansy a spin. The song bounces between genres, but the basis is definitely feel-good pop. There’s a sweet dreaminess to the composition, layering electronic sounds to create a carnival-like vibe. The vocal break with layered harmonies is spine-tinglingly enjoyable.

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