Guest Editorial: Cultural Opportunity Cost by Dominic Go

I’d like for you to take a moment to think about two types of experiences that you’ve had.

First, think about a moment when you heard a song for the first time, and it absolutely floored you. You couldn’t explain why, but right in that moment, it connected with you. Maybe it lifted you up out of a hard time, or maybe it helped you celebrate the excitement of having just fallen in love, or maybe it just calmed your soul and helped you find a moment of peace in this chaotic world. Whatever the moment was, I’m sure you remember it vividly.

Second, I’d like you to think of a time that you heard a song on the radio. When you got a few seconds into it, you thought to yourself “eh, not for me” and changed the station. Then, a few weeks later, you caught yourself singing that same song under your breath. You weren’t sure why or how, but you knew every word. Also, the song seems more tolerable now.

While the second experience is far more frequent, I believe that most of us would all agree that the first is far more meaningful and fulfilling. So why are we wasting our time?

There is a term in economics called ‘opportunity cost’ which is essentially referring to income lost by not doing something. For instance, if you decide to go to college, you are not only paying the tuition, but you are also spending four years not earning money. That lost potential income is your opportunity cost.

I believe the wasted time in the second experience is best described as cultural opportunity cost.

The difference between music that speaks to you and musics that merely occupies space is extraordinary. Music is one of the most powerful cultural mediums. It can lift us up out of despair. It can motivate us to take the next big leap. It can cultivate love. It can bring us serenity.

Time we spend filling our head with music that means nothing is costing you something. Imagine how enriched and fulfilling your life would be if you could replace just some of that lost time with music that really matters?

I recently launched the platform Timbredio to help solve this problem.

For the most part, I’ve found that people don’t seek out those truly meaningful musical experiences for a two reasons. First off, it is very hard to predict exactly what song will bring you that sort of connection. And secondly, there is so much music out there that people simply don’t know where to begin. So rather than work to find it, they live with the status quo.

At Timbredio, we work tirelessly to find those connections for you. We provide you the tools you need to find music that will really speak to you. What genres do you like? What mood are you in? Are you feeling particularly adventurous today? These are all ways that Timbredio tries to understand your needs and serve up exactly what you need to hear, in that moment.

We also understand that making music that matters is hard work. It takes talent, dedication, vulnerability and courage. This is why Timbredio is dedicated to treating our contributing artists fairly. It is 100% free for musicians to contribute to Timbredio, we guarantee air time, and provide them multiple ways to make money with their music. This means that as a listener, your subscription is not only finding you music that will be more meaningful, but it’s also directly supporting the artists who create it.

There is so much talent out there. There is so much incredible music being made. We’ve created a means to find the songs that will mean the most to you.

So I hope you’ll join us. And maybe next time you’re walking through the supermarket or driving to work humming that tune, you’ll remember exactly what it means to you.  

*We want to thank our new partners at Timbredio.  As such, this sponsored post does not reflect the opinions of the editors here at ETTG (but we do think this is a pretty cool platform idea).

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