Lunchtime Playlist March 21 – Talented singer songwriters making waves

Em Joy – “The Feast”
-The contemplative piano and sweet vocal at the opening of Em Joy’s “The Feast” is simply amazing. I mean that… “simply” in that it’s just a piano and a voice… but still “amazing” because those instruments dance so delicately together. Although it’s not an explicit spiritual song, there’s a tenderness and hopefulness that leads me to believe it is perhaps spiritually motivated. It’s beautiful either way.

Paul Freeman – “Closer Still”
-This song was featured on a television show recently, so if you Googled it to learn more about Freeman we’re glad you’re here. It’s a sweet, thoughtful folk song. The production is just right, allowing some backing strings to bring depth to Freeman’s vocal and acoustic work. The vibe is something like Daniel Powter and works really well. To learn more about Freeman, click through the song link to his record label.

Dennis Kalla – “Beautiful Mistake”
-This is what it sounds like to make exquisite singer songwriter music. Kalla’s style is delightful with one part Brett Dennen, another part something like the Tallest Man. The songwriting is deeply rewarding and the performance holds a sincerity to it that is uncommon in pop folk music. This is an artist on the rise, for sure.

Sami Simon – “Bombs”
-The recording style on Simon’s beautiful lament “Bombs” reminds me of Fleet Foxes. The phrasing and intonation reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel. Decent company, that. Simon’s style is really enjoyable and I keep coming back to this song for repeated listens. The incendiary lyrics are providing fuel for my soul. If you give him an honest listen, I bet he’ll make a fan out of you too.

O’neill Hudson – “I’m All You”
-Hudson can flat out sing. Her phrasing is the best part of this song, honestly. When the vocal harmony enters the track, you’ll just melt. The overall composition will make you wonder why you’re not hearing this on pop radio. It’s about love and dedication; it’s about being there for someone you love no matter what. The classic recording vibe is just icing on the cake of timeless lyricism.

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