Lunchtime Playlist March 16: Five need to know singer songwriters

“Why Don’t You Answer Your Telephone?” – David Ford

David Ford invokes a sense of soul in this bluesy tune that is rarely seen in modern songwriting. He weaves an intimate story of loss and heartbreak over a melody fit for the subject. This latest single from the singer/songwriter shows he has taken yet another step away from his days with Easyworld, establishing himself as a talented, independent artist.

“Rosalyn” – Jordy Searcy

In this somber, yet playful folk tune, Searcy displays his ability to write catchy, calm melodies that are oh so easy to listen to. While “Rosalyn” is a great song to sing along to on your lunch hour, it’s also an important reminder to remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. It seems that Searcy is stamping himself down as an act to be respected and taken seriously with his latest releases.

“Stay Warm” – George Taylor

As winter comes to its final few weeks, songs like “Stay Warm” are essential to pushing through towards beauty and warmth of spring. The choral harmonies combined with Taylor’s simple piano playing create an uplifting, atmospheric song to wrap around yourself in this last winter month. George Taylor is sure to catch traction in his career with heartful songs such as this one and his previous single, “Ophelia.”

“Sunrise” – Rumour Mill

In the duet of Rumour Mill, consisting of Vancouver natives Aline Daigle and Anna Katarina, there lies a great wealth of talent and knowledge of musical theory. Their roots lie in jazz and classical music, which comes out strongly in this lofty tune. “Sunrise” is highlighted by the duet’s sing-songy harmonies, and are sure to be heard more when they release their full album.

“Swallow” – Ben Reneer

Utah Native Ben Reneer offers an emotional and inspired peak into his potential as a bona fide singer/songwriter with his latest single, “Swallow.” Reneer puts his talent on full display, showing listeners his excellent vocal control as well as his capacity to write songs that are honest and soulful. Reneer is still a fledgling artist, but is consistently showing listeners he has much to offer.

Guest Writer: John Wheeler wrote this piece. We think he’s pretty cool.

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