Lunchtime Playlist March 13: Alt and indie pop gems

This one might be a little more charged up than some of our singer songwriter lists. But we hear some really good quality vocals and uptempo tracks here, perfect to get you through the rest of the work day.

Arborview – “Stormy Weather”
-The vocal harmonies from this pop punk band Arborview are just fantastic. They remind me of bands that were really big in the early 2000s like Blink182 and Yellow Card. The chords are infectiously good and the beat will have you jumping. I haven’t been into pop punk for years, but these guys could bring me out to show for sure.

Dylan Russell – “Say You Don’t”
-Although listed officially as indie pop, we think this track is worthy of being listed with other indie rock. It has a dynamism to it that really works well. The opening is full of intimate tension and you can tell immediately that the song is going to burst and any moment. Once the R&B style vocals pick up, the song almost moves into sultry EDM territory and we’re okay with that.

Artemisia – “Something Like Us”
-The song begins with a stripped down, relaxed style. However, as it grows it becomes an indie pop reflective ballad. It’s about the growth of a relationship as the two people connect further. There’s a fascinating idolization of the relationship here and the piano work reminds me of Ruth B. The cello in the background gives it that extra air of sophistication; it’s moving.

Diana Radar – “Sex Sells”
-An evocative title and unconventional melody from the opening guitars… oh yeah, this is edgy. It’s also the kind of alt rock we like to feature here that pushes the envelope. The vocal is a bit muted and really distorted. However, that grungy Strokes vibe is perfect for one of those sullen, solitary days that feel oddly comforting.

Jordan Lovelis – “Black and White”
-This is what chill rock sounds like and it’s divinely fun. Lovelis has a peaceful easy style to his work. He’s got a sort of Jackson Browne vibe to it. The way that the song works it could be easily considered classic rock or more recent Americana. Whatever you call it, this is a song that is easy to listen to over and over.

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