Weekend Hype Playlist! Uptempo rock and pop for your weekend fun.

Whether you’re snowed in, or sunning yourself on the other side of the world, let’s get an uptempo playlist to get us moving. This is a dance challenge. If you can keep dancing for the entire playlist, we’ll send you some virtual high fives!


Benjamin’s Brother – “If I Could”
-This might not be the first track you think of when it comes to dancing, but this groove is really intriguing. I find myself nodding my head along with this one every time. It’s smooth like 80s pop, allowing the keys to play a major role in the overall sound. Bordering sultry and angry, it’s a sound that really opens up on the chorus for a rewarding atmospheric pop rock sound.

Delorentos – “In the Moment”
-Listen to this vocal and tell me you don’t think of Coldplay. I love it. I mean I actually legitimately love this sound. I am even reminded of the articulation of Daniel Powter from about a decade ago. Anyways, the spirit of the song is really enjoyable, focusing on how we need the most of our moments in life. It’s so easy to be brooding and sad, but this optimistic track gets you moving and hoping for something beautiful.

Arcade Hearts – “Different Place”
-So this is probably what you had in mind when you were thinking of indie pop. The vocal is understated, but has this Sam Smith quality to it. When it takes off for the main melody, the energetic beat makes the song really emerge. The electronic elements fused with the rock aspects make the song feel like a perfect indication of our historic moment in music right now. It’s an incredible synthesis of pop music’s multi facets currently.

Volunteer – “Money”
-So this song is really fun with a sing-a-long chorus. There’s even some voice effects and handclaps! Who doesn’t love a song with syncopation and handclaps? No, but really it’s about the absurdity of living in a culture so focused on the need for money rather than enjoying it. Fascinating!


Freedom Fry – “Classic”
-Indie pop music in my mind often parallels a sound like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, so when I heard Freedom Fry I was pleasantly surprised. The vocal blending here is incredible. The fact that they can lay this kind of sound over great string work makes it all the more enjoyable. I actually can’t wait to cover a full album of this. It’s just so chill, but makes me want to dance, and I don’t fully understand that. Is it fair to call this Bohemian pop folk? Because I feel like that fits.

The Francos – “Prime”
-This sound from the Francos is a truly unique blend. There are elements from 60s classic rock, but also a freshness that is hard to describe. The melody lines are really clean, making for an enjoyable overall style. I find myself dancing along with this in the same way that you might to Pink Floyd. It’s not really dance club material, but there’s an infectious groove to it.

Charley Crockett – “Lil Girl’s Name”
-We’ve covered Crockett here and really dig his rootsy guitar style. He’s the genuine article from NOLA. This song feels like it could have come right out of Chuck Berry’s own playbook. The sound is fresh and entertaining. You might have to bust out some of grandma’s dance moves for this one, but it’ll definitely make you dance!

Lazy Bones – “Take It Back”
-More of a groove than an outright dance track, Lazy Bones bring a super chilled out rock sound that we dig a lot. It’s a deceptively complex song full of twists and turns. The beat makes it feel like a relaxing track, but it is kind of a progressive jazz song in sheep’s clothing. We enjoy it a lot.

Caleb Kopta – “Home”
-Everything about this song works for me. The vocal is quality, hitting every jump in tone with precision. The driving rhythm section is energizing, too. When Kopta’s vocal soars for the chorus, you get that spine tingling feeling of soaring out over the audience. I can’t imagine what this feels like live, but I just might have to check them out some time.

Max Frost – “Good Morning”
-So Max Frost is not exactly an indie darling, being that he’s signed to Warner and has over 200K views on this video. That said, we got the submission and were dancing to it. That should be reason enough to get ready to go. For some of us, this kind of music that fuses hip hop and rock really feels comfortable. It might not be the folk you came here for, but dang is it a good time!

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